In India , unemployment is a major problem so in order to help out the job seekers our skill provides them regular government job alerts. Alexa would read out the latest notifications and the user will also have options to toggle among those notifications. The job postings are categorised according to the Govt bodies and type of jobs so the user could have a friendly experience while searching his/her desired job.

User : Alexa, open employment news Alexa : Welcome to ${Skill_Name}, There are many organisations where do you want to look first ?, say an organisation name or a job designation User : i would like to know about job openings in isro Alexa : Gives info about isro User : I would like to know about accounts officer in isro. Alexa : tell user about starting and last date to apply, job location for that post etc.

User:are there any openings for accounts officer. Alexa:there are vacancies for accounts officer in the following organisations mineral exploration corporation limited, isro, select a specific organisation name. User:isro Alexa:reads out the accounts officer job details from isro.

User : Feedback . For example, feedback please add job notification for ongc. Alexa : Okay. Your feedback has been submitted. User : When was the data last updated. Alexa : tells user the date of last data updation.

This is just the version 1 of the skill.In coming days, we will also add the state government job alerts.

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