## Inspiration
A lot of young students out there who do well in school don't realize out in the open they're Facebook really is.  That why me we made this app to help kids see what they really shouldn't have on Facebook and they go into the professional world. Our goal is to have people don't lose jobs they deserve.

How we built it

We built mainly off of Firebase server as the back end. This is what connected all the programs. This than combined with the front end with our JavaScript server and ClarfiaAPI.

Challenges we ran into

The real challenges was getting the push and pull request from Python to Node JS to the Web App. This is why it is so hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest acho

What we learned

We learned how to manipulate APIs and all sorts of web app, server-side and client-side, types of code. It was also one person on our teams first time learning.

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