Did you know:

  • 87% of married women in Bangladesh are physically or sexually abused
  • Half of Bangladeshi women are married by the age of 17
  • 85% of Bangladeshi women alive below poverty line

And some of these women are then abandoned with no one to look after them at all.

The idea

We know that most of these women own a 2G enabled mobile phone, thanks to efforts by organizations like Grameen Foundation and other such organizations in the region. Our web service provides these women without access to the internet the ability to post jobs they're willing to take based on their skills. A job is now an SMS away.


  1. An SMS service for the women to enroll themselves
  2. A web front end for the women to recruit women

How it works

Step 1: An applicant sends a message to our SMS service from their mobile phone.

Step 2: We ask them for their name and the kind of job they want to do.

Step 3: Our new applicant sends another message with the said details and voila, she's posted.

Step 4: An employer uses our web interface to search for a specific job category and we suggest him with a job posting and give her/him her details. The employer can call the listed person and talk to her about the job.


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