When I was a hiring manager I noticed that during crisis many employees become idle due to decreased amount of work while at the same time being on payroll, I wondered if there was away to keep the payroll going and at the same time utilize the idle employees to benefit the organization social image.

Many organizations face the problem of contributing to the local community and what better representative that can increase the social and community engagement than a staff on payroll.

What it does

"Here For You" is a publicly accessible social platform that aims to enable companies to track voluntary employee services, endorsement , voluntary time and the community they cover.

The platform records the time the employee spent during the community support along with the reviews and rating received and accumulates the rating of the whole company social responsibility.

The organization can later use the data to provide incentives for the employee , the Platform will have a publicly visible index with Badges (e.g. COVID-19 Support Badge ) .

Current status


What's next for Employee engagement in community


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