Culture is the self-sustaining pattern of behavior that determines how things are done

BRAVO helps in:

  1. Enhance Employee Engagement
  2. Build a culture of appreciation and respect
  3. Promote value aligned employee behaviors
  4. Get insights on organizational network analysis

BRAVO is built leveraging SharePoint platform. It leverages the powerful features of SharePoint, such as collaboration, content management, business intelligence and enterprise Search. It also uses Machine Learning, Augmented writing features.

Faced challenges:

a. Implementing Augmented writing capabilities
b. Outlook integration for seamless experience

Bravo is well received by customers across different geographies.

Learnt that Teams based application model helps in better adoption.

Next Plan for Bravo!

  1. Continuous upgrades including Messaging extension roll out.

Built With

  • angular.js
  • azure
  • azure-app-service
  • azure-platform-components-like-azure-sql-db
  • azure-webjobs
  • js.
  • mvc
  • sharepoint-online
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