The idea of this app came suddenly. We were discussing the way to simplify the way of collecting data for regular performance reviews from multiple people. The main challenge was to get the objective data based on opinions of multiple people, so that we decided to think over some solution that can enable assessment of tickets by multiple team leads or department supervisors.

What it does

How easy is it to prepare performance reviews? How difficult is it to get unbiased data about performance of employees?

The Employee Performance Ratings app allows you assess work on tasks against three metrics:

  • Speed - how quickly the task was completed.
  • Quality - how well it was completed.
  • Skills - how efficiently the was completed.

The app collects metrics from multiple tickets and calculates the average values for each metric, including the trend. For each user you can view details on metrics and for a particular Jira issue. Additionally, the app integrates with the customer portal, so that you can let customers assess the work of your support agents to better understand how you can improve it.

How we built it

Initial work on the app started from creation of prototypes in AdobeXD. We discussed the solution and its user experience within the team trying to understand what challenges managers and supervisors encounter during assessment of their colleagues. We decided to use the reliable and proven the technology stack of Atlassian Connect with SpringBoot and Java 8. For front-end we used React, JavaScript and AtlasKit. The app is running in AWS (production) and Heroku (staging).

Challenges we ran into

The key challenge we encountered is the end users' understanding when the button for assessment should appear :) Everyone has different points of views, some wanted to assess when the task is closed, the others right after the task creation. The other challenge that we encountered is the integration of the app into the task management pipeline. We wanted the app to be an essential part of the task screen, so that end users do not need to go somewhere else and can assess the task and the assignee in the context of the issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we managed to create the solution for in-context assessment of performance of individual employees in Jira Cloud. It does not require much time to get familiar with the app, and team managers and supervisors can receive valuable information about work of their colleagues and see the ways how to improve the overall team performance.

What we learned

We learned that the assessment of performance metrics differs greatly from company to company, as well as approaches and metrics that are important to this or that team. Our solution allows team to organize the centralized assessment of the work performed by specific people and get insights into things that should be improved.

What's next for Employee Performance Ratings for Jira Cloud

We plan to continue improving the app and hope to deliver in future releases the following:

  • management of performance metrics per project
  • provision of additional feedback when submitting performance ratings
  • recommendation system for task assessment

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