As everything is online nowadays, most of the people are working from home and many people lost their jobs due to this covid situation. So we thought- what if jobs come to the people themselves. This thought gave us the idea to build this project. Basically, this is a startup idea, which helps people to find jobs.

What it does

The problem it solves: Freelancing as a concept is limited to a certain number of professions only. Our website promotes the idea of inclusiveness and equality in the most practical way possible. Women or marginalized people whose skill is underpaid and discriminated at the workplace can find the best opportunity through our website as it directly connects the client with employees.

On the other side of the coin, there is also a shortage of professionals for consumers to consult. In the status quo, the process of hiring someone is possible only through a company or a mediator. The former option is a slow process and the discretion of appointing someone lies in the hand of the company and not the user whose work has to be done. While in the latter option, we have only a few options whose credibility is unsure.

why Emploify is Unique?

With Emploify we ease the access and process for both employees and employers (direct users). Even people who feel marginalized and underpaid at their workplace can make the best use of their skills through Emploify and contribute to the society in a better way. You just have to enter your personal details, location, base price and resume. Users who are in the lookout for work requiring your skills will book a slot with you and after your confirmation you can directly work. With an easy to use UI, people with least technical knowledge can also make the most out of it. For users, they just have to navigate to the ‘hire’ tab and choose the profession. They can search according to location and then book a slot with the professional. The Home page also provides career counseling tips because we believe that Action follows Motivation so our website helps you gear up for the work!

How we built it

React, Node, Express, Mutter, MongoDB, Google maps API, Google cloud, High fidelity wireframe

Figma: We used Figma to design our pages and the layout that we had planned during our brainstorming phase.

Front-end development using React

Material-UI and CSS: One of the front-end developers worked on the UI/UX, layout, CSS and design while the other researched on integration of suitable APIs.

Back-end development using Node.js, Express, Mutter, MongoDB: The back-end developer created the MongoDB database on Google Cloud to store the details of the professional and integrated the backend APIs with the frontend pages.

Google Cloud Platform: We used google map api to integrate map into the website . For this we used Api key through the google cloud console. This map will provide the locations of people who have registered into the website. So it will become easy foe the company to find near about people.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Google api Integrating backend with frontend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to address such an important issue and find a practical and inclusive solution to it. Our team work and cooperative workflow helped us to build the project in its entirety. We are proud to have completed the whole UI design, develop and publish a fully functional website.

What we learned

We got to learn about cloud services, google chrome extensions, designing. Increased proficiency in MERN stack.

What's next for Emploify

With the goal to turn our initiative into a full-fledged business initiative, we do not restrict ourselves with what we have accomplished till now. We plan to add various features like:

In-web payment service: With online transactions being preferred over cash payment, we plan to build a secure payment service on our website.

Meet scheduler: Clients can easily schedule their meet according to the professional's availability.

We also plan to make our website more credible by displaying only valid applicants on the Hire page. We plan to do it by involving a team that is responsible to scrutinize the documents, certificates and resume sent by the professional.

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