Gamefi is emerging as a potential application of NFT and crypto for the mass. Play-to-earn is not sustainable and collapsed.

What it does

Inspired by traditional games, battleship & clash of clan, Empireland builds a Strategy Game added with RPG, RTS and MOBA elements, with focus on NFT utility and a sustainable in-game economy. It also has an NFT marketplace specified for game items.

How we built it

Empireland game and its NFT marketplace is built on Moonbeam parachain.

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing a sustainable in-game economics, avoiding the failure of play-to-earn model.
  • Developing a game suitable for various sources of players: crypto and non-crypto natives, for different purposes (e.g. play for fun, play to earn, play to collect NFT items).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

  • Moonbeam parachain and Polkadot ecosystem
  • Blockchain game development (NFT-ecomonics, backend with blockchain component)

What's next for Empireland

  • Build complete web-based game on Moonbeam testnet and mainnet
  • Build complete mobile game
  • Build complete NFT marketplace for game items on Moonbeam testnet and mainnet

Built With

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posted an update

Marketplace contracts on Moonbase Alpha

{ "management": "0xe55e1D60d8cac20094AD06384CD9e734D66AE8A6",
"archive": "0x3683Fc7d275e1D32a39579263f4FDF202F28Bb49",
"marketplace": "0x725381f680277EE2b0da2B5bEe90B9554F15f135",
"collection": [ "0x5B6443C115aaC04a59f2Bbe2b2c792CaEe5bed0e" ],
"pub721": "0xF2cb5F0a482BD9aB609B25425960fe78bc7EEE8A",
"pub1155": "0x43dA2fb2d37b2bFDe9CbF3FFA5ad23E79eFcA6b8",
"minter": "0xDd20D0dDD3E86f6F010d3f23f918AC49bBA3e4E1" }

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posted an update

NFT game-contracts on Moonbase Alpha testnet: { "gov": "0xC20AeADB138ec70B9Ec57c30bc784fE55B1cCd19", "rental": "0xDA804c137ABe54b9291B015626C13F76a7Ab652D", "eplHeroes": "0x78D4CF2216d85530d85BC3cc3AB55478edeec1E6", "redemption": "0xbE8CB16Df1ae8707E697953A1E0b6F25F1456B22", "box": "0x1aF83CFe343AE5450b8EfF3117b480017A32BE37", "saleEvents": "0xf8db67F55886a9cB2Dcd62949236a5d367c21c99" }

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