Empire of Movies is a movie forum website in which you can discuss and give your review about a film.

Why Empire of Movie Exists

Empire of Movies' mission is to connect people who want to discuss and give reviews of films they watched. We also provide a complete database about a movie the first time they are requested in a matter of seconds and will be updated from time to time.


We hope to make the exchange of opinion about films to be accessible and user-friendly to everybody through a well-organized forum. Moreover, We hope that the users can easily access the updates by adding our bot to their Telegram app.

You can visit our website here

How we built it

We used Django as a full-stack framework, PostgreSQL as a database, Heroku as deployment platform, and Python for telegram bot. We also used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap for our frontend. This website is built in a team of 2.


  • Create discussion or review threads on a movie
  • Notifications via website and Telegram
  • Movie database automatically generated on request
  • Uses threaded comment to improve user experience on discussing the movies

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We managed to incorporate a lot of features while ensuring their correctness and providing documentations (for users and developers). We also managed to achieve the advanced level of NUS Project Orbital (Independent Software Development Project) which shows the project has a good set of core features and extensions and followed good software engineering practices and principles.

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