During COVID-19 most of the schools, private coaching classes, universities all around the world were closed. Teachers and students could not meet in the usual offline setting anymore. Learning, connectivity and collaboration took a hit. Things had to be moved online. With video conferencing tools like zoom, google meet teachers could arrange for classes and continue teaching online. Although this is great, some extra works like managing notes, giving assignments, taking exams, making announcements and other activities cannot be managed well. We thought of addressing this issue and thus came up with a collaboration tool.

What it does

The tool provides a single page dashboard for teachers and students. This dashboard is built keeping simplicity, ease of use, and availability in mind. The user has easy access to all components of the tool on a single page.

  • Actions teacher can perform :
    • Create a class
    • Add students to this class
    • Assign and track todos that are assigned to students. [Example : Write an essay on My Pet]
    • Make announcements that will be shared with students [Example : Online class being held on 12/08/2020. Join using this link :]
    • Write notes in an online editor which can be shared to students
    • View statistics about the actions performed on the todo by students
    • Create todos and notes for personal use
  • Actions student can perform :
    • Manage todo assigned by the teacher by updating the status. [Todo, InProgress, Done]
    • View announcements made by the teacher
    • View notes shared by the teacher
    • Create todos and notes for personal use

How we built it

We have built a Web application using the technologies listed below :

  • Nextjs
  • Reactjs
  • Expressjs
  • Tailwind CSS for styling
  • Auth0 for Authentication
  • Graphql with Hasura for Database
  • Sendgrid for mailing

We started off with the integration of Auth0 and Hasura with nextjs. Later we moved into developing core backend and frontend code.

Challenges we ran into

  • We spent a lot of time integrating Nextjs with Auth0 and Hasura
  • Managing roles and rules configuration in Auth0

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Using Hasura to maximum
  • Getting started with Auth0
  • The love of GraphQL

What's next for Empire

  • Improving the idea of the tool to extend it to actual production.
  • Integrating payment APIs and allow local tutors, coaching classes to take payments from students.
  • Building more features that help in collaborative remote learning.## What it does

Built With

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