An opportunity to work on a different new platforms with existing trnql features.

What it does

Problem statement: Today many peoples want to involve in some activities but they have some lack of resources and time. Emphatic app does clustering the group of people by different activities. You can involve in any particular cluster as per your interest.
For example- 1. Suppose A is cluster of football peoples and B is cluster of research work peoples and C is cluster of physics teachers. All these cluster are categorized by trnql smart features( i.e. smart people, smart places, smart location, smart activity and smart weather ). Now you see different categories of people on app and you want to play football and then you can send notification to all people who belongs to Cluster A.

Use cases: 1. You can involve in particular activities as per your interest. 2. You can find your nearby helpful peoples i.e. teacher, researcher, doctor etc. 3. You can initiate new activities by notification. Emphatic app also do analytics on clustering group.

How I built it

I built app with existing android app TRNQL(Smart People , Smart Places, Smart Location, Smart Activity, Smart Weather) and android studio.

Challenges I ran into

I started late so time was limited.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Emphatic app is good for every end user. He can involve in any activities as per his interest.

What I learned

I did very hard work in last few days and I learned many things like how to solve big problem in small pieces.

What's next for Emphatic

I have some other use cases and I will implement.

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