Imagine that you’re programming in the middle of the night, you’re frustrated because the deadline is tomorrow and your teammates are not doing their part. You want to find someone who you can talk to, but not your friends because you think that they won’t understand.

With Empathy Match, we will find you someone that CAN understand instantly. It helps you save time from explaining, makes you feel better, and you can dive straight back into work after a good chat.

This sounds like another dating app, but it is not. This does not categorize you by gender, race or looks. Instead, it is about finding someone that truly understands you.

What it does

Empathy Match allows you to share your emotions and personal experience. With our painstakingly self-created empathy algorithm that not only reads, but FEELS your entry, we will find you someone who understands you.

How we built it

Empathy Match is built based on JavaScript framework called Meteor.js and IBM Watson Personality Insights API to analyze the emotions and experience of the participants through semantic text analysis.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge is to formulate the matching criteria. Additionally, the second difficulty lies with the text analysis and finding APIs that are most relevant in determining the level of empathy.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Empathy Match does not simply matches people based on similar interests and personality. Instead, I am proud that our system is able to read people’s experience and connect them based on their state of emotions and intrinsic needs.

What's next for Empathy Match

We will be submitting this project to Betwixt Festival: Art & Bytes, a digital and interactive art exhibition held at the Art Science Museum on 26, 27 and 28 February 2016. During the exhibition, we will be connecting real users through our Empathy algorithm.

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