Empathy Gym

Problem Statement: After research, we found that there are a plethora of online blogs, lists, and articles with general information for mental health advocates, however, there is a lack of real life conversation models, independent practicing forums, and assessments of how well the interactions are going.

Scope: Create a website for mental health advocates who are self-motivated to educate themselves about mental health and learn appropriate language to guide meaningful conversations.

Goal: Provides a fun way to train yourself on how to support people in mental health crisis.


  • Tutorial for mental health issue eduction with examples and self-test
  • Tutorial for empathetic listening skills/offering support with examples and self-test
  • Turtorial for self care with examples and self-test
  • A self-assessing game mimicking an end-to-end conversation flow supporting someone in mental health crisis
  • Result of the game with Empathy Gym certification and link to share to social media

Timeline: 24 hours

Target Screen: Website

Target Audience: Mental health advocates

Tech Stack: React/Redux/JavaScript

Team: Dawn, Shannon, Kevin, Michelle, Raj

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