Avoid complexity

Widgets cannot be complex at all. They have to be simple text dialogs with minimal controls. Extreme simplicity is of essence. Almost like connecting with a child.


The page must be accessible to a fault. It should have large fonts, high contrast views, lots of white space. It should be usable with a keyboard, touchscreen or a mouse in it's entirety without having to switch between input devices. Navigation should be explicit, natural.

Avoid use of visual fx

We have to treat the patient as physically challenged and empathize with his pain. This means we have to actively avoid fx of any kind.

animations (fade-in, fade-out, translations) bright colors tooltips small fonts


Icons will be used for guiding the patient through the complexity. For example sections that need interpretation from a medical expert.

Provide visual indicators or care and concern

Few explicit images indicating the human touch, friendliness and attention (to immediacy, urgency, criticality)

Use of warm or cool colors

Pastels, earthy, natural tones, muted but bright and positive

Readiness to assist

The application and the page must allow quick discovery with significant and clear signboards directing the user's understanding of the study, medical terms, implications, ability to reach for human assistance, etc.

Minimize iconography

Patient is unlikely to have healthy /normal mental faculties. Most likely the view is all text and clearer the text, the better his understanding

The web page is intended to unfold as a series of notebook pages that can be collated or pinned or stacked together. 3 pages fit across a typical screen.

The specific field items visualized as scrap notes on top of each page can also be pinned or stacked. The scrap notes (same as fields) can be swiped to reveal more fields. A patient can add his own notes to discuss with a doctor or the clinical trial contact.

The notebook is designed so any set of pages can be printed together to carry around to the clinic or doctor. Each page is sized appropriately so it can fit on various mobile screens / tablets individually and can then be swiped page to page.

Searchability is made quick and easy. The notebook can in fact be a collaborative document between the patient and other caregivers.

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