Many people struggle with movie choice, trying to consider genres, description, IMDB / Kinopoisk rating and trailer to make a final decision. We believe that people just want the movie to match their current mood. We provide a fun, personalised way to search for movies by emotions, represented by emojies, view emotions of every movie and get personal recommendations based on your movie ratings and emotions.

What it does

The app allows you to search for movies by 20 different moods, see which emotions does every movie induce, rate and set emotions to get personal recommendations, and create, share and save movie playlists

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishing high accuracy in calculating emotions for new movies based on movie features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have an alpha version of the Android app, iOS app prototype and API and database with 30k movies. We also think that we managed to achieve good UI/UX design. Moreover, we have 11k movies classified by emotions. And last, but not least, we have a very motivated team, who is willing to release this awesome product.

What's next for emovi

We are releasing in Google Play and App Store in November-December! Stay tuned for the updates and download the app after release :)

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