Inspiration: We are inspired by the uncertainty and lack of human empathy in the recruiting process.

What it does: It is an Alexa skill that allows users to verbally share how they are feeling with their recruiter. It will appropriately share these "emotion states" with the recruiter so they know whether to speed up or call the applicant to reassure them.

How we built it: We used Alexa Developer console, Python, and Amazon Web Services to make this.

Challenges we ran into: We had trouble understanding the Alexa environment and how the python code was connected with the other consoles on the developer site. We also had trouble connecting the Amazon Echo to the WIFI, but we solved all these problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We got most of the bulk coding done in 1 hour at 2 am last night!

What we learned: We learned how to make an Alexa skill with multiple directions the conversation can go. We also learned how to code in Python.

What's next for Emotions and Timelines: We will flesh out the conversation trees and have it accommodate more complex conversations. We will access the APIs to send emails/messages to the recruiter for emotion sharing. We will also access the APIs and Authentications needed for getting an applicant's actual timeline in a recruiting process.

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