We want to find new opportunities to make RPG and Telltale Games even more emotional and exciting.

What it does

This application introduces a new way of human-machine-interaction. The protoype decides about its behavior by scanning your facial expression. During the plot, the player has to control his/her feelings to succeed the dialogs.

How we built it

Ingredients: C#, XML, SketchUp, Visual Studio, Unity, much Love, caffeine, 5 enthusiastic Students Preparation: Let the students have fun for 36 hours, done!

Challenges we ran into

Handling Unity, handling Unity manuals, creating (good looking) 3D objects and animations, import/export of nearly everything, participating on a track without a challenge :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Handling Unity, implementing azure functions, our great 3 (maybe 2,5)D Animations ^^,

What we learned

Handling Unity (first steps), working together, using azure faceAPI, solution engineering

What's next for EmotionalRPG

establish RPGs with VR, creating a thrilling story, have fun together, detecting a wider range of emotions with help of pulse detection

Built With

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