Feeling the need to change something in the messaging industry (because it was almost the same from the first SMS sent on 3 December 1992) pushed us to innovate this big chunk of our life. Having years of experience in the biometric security industry we had extensive knowledge in facial recognition related techniques like feature points extractions (lips ,eyes, cheekbones and eyebrows) we thought about detecting human emotions when they receive a message.

What it does

Emotion Messanger changes the way you text, by sending you back the readers facial expression after reading your message.

How we built it

With our supernatural coding power we started crating a socketIO server and an React Native (for multi platform use) client. The facial expression recognition is the heart and soul of what we do and it became reality use a MLP(multi layer perceptron) neural network and some proprietary state of the art facial points extraction algorithms.

Challenges we ran into

People have multiples ways of expressing the same emotions. Emotions like happiness could be expressed using only a smile but some people may "roll on the floor laughing". This makes the facial expression classification task really hard..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it work on multiple platforms.

What we learned

Emotions are way more powerful than plain text.

What's next for Emotion Messenger

Lots of fame and fortune!

Where can you find us?

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