In our opinion, 9GAG transformed from a website which has really funny images, to a website which is full of disgusting or sad things. We decided to improve this, focus more on the quality of a meme website.

What it does

The application can get images from these kind of websites, for now in the prototype it has just predefined images, and it can monitor the users reaction to images whenever they open one, by taking a picture of them with the webcam, and using the Cognitive Service API, we detect their happiness level. In the end, pictures get ordered according to the average happiness level registered from users reactions.

How I built it

We built it using just Java, and different libraries of it (eg. JavaFX).

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to figure out what the binary image data actually means on the Microsoft API webpage, since no clear example was given.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that in the end we make it to work, and also had the chance to use artificial intelligence in our project.

What I learned

We learned a lot about Java, Java FX and different libraries.

What's next for Emotion Fileter

The next step for Emotion filter is to be deployed in websites and work together with the database of images, to be able to sort them according to happiness.

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