Rikki grandfather had a stroke. He told me that his grandfather had a hard time to express himself due to his inability to have non verbal communication with others in a form of facial gesture. There are many people in this world who had this kind of issue. Whenever they are born with it, or later on with on their life something unfortunate happened to them, an ability to express our emotion in a form of facial gesture is important to empathize, to communicate effectively, and to understand each other. We are strived to give those who unfortunate a hope to be able to communicate in one of this from.

What it does

The device capture the radio wavelength signal from the brain activity. We classified two different emotions (sad and happy) based on the signal response. Those signal response are translated in a form of dog ear.

How we built

First, we communicated what were our skills that each of us could bring into the table. With understanding of each abilities, we brainstormed what kind of device that we wanted to build based on the hardware that's available to borrow that's provided by MLH. We tried to marry available part in the market. On mechanical side, we started it on sketches, prototyping, testing, improving, and finishing it. On electrical components,

Challenges we ran into

Time is our biggest challenge. Coming to UGA Hackaton as a first timer, we do not really know what we wanted to develop in a first place. We do not have any experience with classifying brain signal. We do not have many samples to train the classifier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built it! Against all the odd, we successfully prototyped a fully functioning

What we learned

We learned a good team effort should utilize every single member of the team effectively. There will be always some issues even though everything are seemed design properly.

What's next for Emotion express headband

We wanted gather more data from different people as a pool samples for our classifier. We wanted to add more emotions for our device. We wanted to changed from the mechanic ear to simple monitor with emoji to translate those brain

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