Helping those who have trouble in social situations to understand the primary emotions of the people around them. One of our team members has a sibling on the Autism Spectrum.

What it does

Using the Microsoft Hololens, our program reads the emotions on people's faces and displays them next to each face

How we built it

Unity + Hololens + Microsoft Emotion API + Visual Studio + tears

Challenges we ran into

Not having a physical Hololens to use during development, Hololens Emulator install failed many times, Learning to use Unity for the first time, Learning to use C# for the first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning C# for this project, Figuring out how to incorporate many different people's work into one project

What we learned

How to read documentation to be able to use programs others have written and how to program in C#

What's next for EmotiLense

Being able to show more than one emotion per face, Being able to show degree of confidence

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