a program language that uses only emoticons

how to run the antlr-ver

in the antlr-ver/grammer/ foulder compile code using javac emlgrun.java

Then programs can be run using emlgrun filepath

where filepath is the path to a file , it will first check that the syntax in the file is correct then execute the code

an example program is this that calculates the factorial of the imputed number

other example programs can be found in the antler-ve/test/ folder including this one the full Syntax is found in antler-ve/grammer/emlg.g4 and some non compact programs with comments that explain what is happing

emjInter Version

Similar take on the "altr-ver" but instead uses the Unicode emoji images.

compile using: javac *.java

Then programs can be run using: java Program /path/to/source/file [OPTIONAL -I /path/to/vm/spec/file/]

Example of FizzBuzz: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Dillnot/emoticon-lang/master/emjInter/fizzbuzz.em


we tried to write a compilet that compile the programs into java byte code but over estimated how long it would take , the file has been started and is in the grammar folder called compVisitor.java but is it not functional or finished

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