Communication is Key

Social media is the evolution of communication, and Emojr is the evolution of social media. Technology has failed to adapt as communication has evolved, and Emojr is here to make up for that. Welcome to the new age of expressing yourself digitally. Welcome to Emojr.

Emojr is the Emoji-only social network. Once you've established an account under a unique (emoji-only) username, you will have access to a vibrant global community of interesting and diverse people, all expressing themselves through the power of emoji. With Emojr, you can take advantage of the vast array of expressive and meaningful emoji characters to have your message heard. Your followers can react to your posts with emoji of their own, expressing exactly how they feel abotu your quality content.

How Emojr came to be

Emojr was born in the ATL as a project for HackGSU. In under 36 hours (we took a break to build these we built a RESTful backend and a polished native iOS app and had a blast doing it.

Who are we?

We are James Risberg and Joseph Pecoraro and we build cool stuff (sometimes together).

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