We found in our personal experiences that we often waste a significant amount of time adding the necessary emojis to our messages. Thus, we strove to develop a sleek, user-friendly hack that we would use in our everyday life. It is our pleasure to share our creation with the world, and we hope it is as useful and beautiful to them as it is to us.

What it does

A user copies and pastes a message into our input textbox, and the website returns the same message with emojis.

How we built it

EmojIt adds relevant emojis to the text provided by the users. We select specific words with part of speech tags, using TextBlob, such as NN, JJ, PRP, etc. and using the Beautiful Soup python library to search these words and scrape the emojis off the web, and then we add them to the original message.

Challenges we ran into

No challenges were had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Life is short, but our messages don't have to be.

What's next for EmojIt

Be on the lookout for our follow-up web app: TextIt, which adds relevant words to a user inputted message comprised entirely of emojis.

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