This project inspired me by the vast use of emojis in today's era. Most reactions are made with emojis and this project emphasizes on that.

What it does

Emojify takes text as an input and converts the meaningful keywords to emoji characters

How I built it

I stored the emoji's characteristics in objects. With these objects I was able to compare the inputted words to synonyms/actual word of the emoji. I used javascript to bring the interactivity to the user. To show the emojis, I used a css library which contained the emoji pictures.

Challenges I ran into

Emojis didn't play nicely on a browser. Emojis reference to unicode, and I was not able to make that direct conversion. Instead, I referenced to pictures. I never messed with JSON files, and I struggled for a bit on how to convert it to an object.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned way more about objects than I thought I could learn, and how css libraries work.

What I learned

I learned how to work with JSON files, and how they are imported.

What's next for Emojify

Hopefully I can publish this online!

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