Our inspiration

Our team wanted to make try something new and neither of us have ever made a Chrome extension before and there is no better time to try something new then a hackathon so we took the opportunity to take on this project!

What Emojify does

This Chrome extension scans any webpage and replaces key string patterns in the text tags for Emojifiable words and replaces them

How we built it

We developed Emojify in the Jetbrains Webstorm IDE. We used HTML CSS and JavaScript to develop the extension. We implemented the Chrome API to allow our extension to access the users webpage from the extension and to allow communication between the extension and the users webpage.

.# Challenges we ran into

The progress bar for Emojify was tricky to create because it requires communication between the extension and the users webpage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our collaboration and how simple the extension turned out. Emojify can be used by anyone due to how simple it is and it can be explained very easily making Emojify the most accessible project we have ever made.

What we learned

We learned the Chrome API and are in a position where we could make more complicated Chrome extensions in the future. We learned some new frontend web development skill and a ton about UTF-8.

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