Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between your own emotions and so it becomes tough to send an appropriate emoji.

What it does

The application replaces people faces with a relevant emoji.

How we built it

Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Emotion API, the application determines the mood of a person on the picture. By classifying existing emojis on the mood they convey, we managed to find the most closely corresponding emoji to the face expression on picture. We implemented our WebExtension for Firefox and Chrome that issues requests adds emojis on top of images (both 'img' and CSS background kind). Also it has an extension menu with 'emojify all' and 'reset' buttons, options page for API keys, and hover popup for every image.

Challenges we ran into

Compatibility with certain websites. Choosing the right highway to Cambridge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Precise face detection and it's replacement with a relevant emoji. Support for the majority of websites.

What we learned

Use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Emotion API, creating WebExtensions

What's next for Emojifier

Emojifier for videos!!

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