EmojiEngine (also known as :cry: Engine) is the world's best video game rendering engine for emoji, and only emoji. It's built with WebGL and can render 90,000 emoji at 60fps.

Origin Story

Our market researchers went out and diligently came back to us with a list of things millennials like, to incorporate in our new product:

  • Emoji
  • Video Games
  • Moving fast

We didn't have the resources to develop a game, but maybe we could ride the trend by releasing the world's fastest game engine for emoji-based games!


  • Varying sizes
  • Many different emoji
  • Retina display ready
  • Mouse control
  • Keyboard controls
  • Handles screen resizing

Performance Tricks

  • Uses GL point sprites to avoid sending too much geometry
  • Uses a mip-mapped sprite sheet for fast rendering of emoji at different scales.
  • Renders the emoji front to back with depth testing to completely avoid overdraw.
  • Binary transparency by dropping fragments, no need for alpha blending.
  • Processes state updates entirely using linear iteration over JS typed arrays, so that even updating everything every frame in JS is fast.

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