The inspiration from this web app comes from the idea of using lobbies/parties to make games in real-time. Nothing better than emojis and people to make a Hacklarious submission!

What it does

Emoji Frenzy is an interactive real-time game that allows people to join in an "emoji party" to try to guess each other's random emoji by taking selfies of their poses, reactions, and accessories.

How I built it

Emoji Frenzy is built on Google Cloud! It's hosted on Google App Engine with Python and it uses Flask-Sijax to make connections from the client to the server-side. After someone takes a picture, the image is uploaded to Google Cloud Storage and the filename is tied with the user who uploaded with Datastore. After everyone takes their pictures, the game proceeds to the part where you need to guess each others' emojis.

Challenges I ran into

Wow!! So many crazy challenges during this hackathon!!! While building Emoji Frenzy, I realized that games that use lobbies are constantly querying and carrying data around the application. This was a real challenge because Google Datastore couldn't keep up with all the requests and eventual consistency. In addition, I had trouble decoding the base64 from the user's camera to send a request to Google Cloud Storage. If this was not enough, I had a bunch of hilarious bugs that included emojis in the database, Unicode flying characters, and some really obscure stuff! It was hacklarious!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've successfully implemented a lobby system with real-time game features in a very small amount of time. Besides that, I completed a pretty cool application that is fun to play with family and friends.

What I learned

I learned to never give up and always staying positive like the happy emojis! Besides that, I learned how to make a database that is operational with emojis and some obscure Unicode characters.

What's next for Emoji Frenzy


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