Nothing is more polarizing than the internet. Whether debating a flat-earther or combating depression, the internet sucks us into a positive feedback loop that amplifies our negative emotional state. With Emoliorate, these continued states of negative emotions are alerted to the user, yielding identification of inflection points to the user along with a suggestion to reduce those negative emotions.

What it does

Emoliorate accesses the user's webcam to gauge live levels of emotions. If the proportion of negative emotions, out-weights that of positive emotions for a long period of time, a sms message is sent to the user to remind them to breath deeply or step away from the computer.

How I built it

OpenCV allows access to the webcam, Microsoft's Cognitive services processes the emotion, and Twilio sends the sms messages. The main logic is written in Python.

Challenges I ran into

Configuration and set up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Seamlessly connecting different APIs to form the overall application.

What I learned

APIs are not that scary as they seem!

What's next for Emoilorate

Security and privacy.

Built With

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