Who are we?

We are a team of artists, developers, designers, and creative technologists. We attend Brown and RISD, and we have one tech entrepreneur. We make dope shit, care about humanity, and have a lot of fun.

Why eMochi?

It's hard for people to take care of themselves. We want to make self-care fun and interactive.

Introducing the eMochi. This is not a health app or fitness tracker. It is a digital avatar that is an extension of you and the choices that you make. The better you live, the more it grows.

eMochi reads you through your devices. And creates a pet that can become anything you want.

Here’s an example: just like a real pet, your eMochi needs to eat. In order to nurture it, you need to eat healthy. By doing the activities that keep it healthy, you are also keeping yourself healthy.

Your eMochi doesn’t just live on your cell phone. It can travel with you to any app, game, or device.

eMochi is a personalized avatar that doesn’t take you away from reality: it grounds you back into it, improving your lifestyle through gamifying self-care by self-expression with real-world data.

Your eMochi knows you better than you know yourself. By tracking your habits through your devices, it functions as a reflection of your own well being, and like an angel on your shoulder, it prompts behaviors that would improve your health.

eMochi is personalized through your actions. It’s not just about color, through your lifestyle you can change your eMochi’s shape, form, size and condition. Say for example you run 3 miles, make it a habit and it grows legs. You swim a lot, maybe it grows fins. It becomes your art and you can port it into all sorts of other mediums. Go ahead and make it into digital stickers, a physical plushie, want to post it on twitter or instagram? Go ahead. Data collection becomes your self expression.

Business Pitch

Personalized Merchandise (3D printed models, patches, wearables apparel) Export eMochi avatar to third party platforms/interfaces Reduce health care costs (consumer && business) Create personalized ads (e.g. activity recommendations)

Challenges we ran into

Animations Integrating 2D and 3D art together creating visual strategy guidelines

Accomplishments that we're proud of

18 hours of sleep between 7 people. First serverless third party integration.

What we learned

How to build a chatbot Working with animations and GIFs

What's next for eMochi-hacking-art

Launch to Android App store. Chatbot on facebook messenger and kik Hit up Alibaba Find biotech and wearables partners

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