An Ocean of Emotions

Whether it be for individuals or businesses, people can now keep track and recognize their emotions with Emocean! This application guides them to figure out why they feel that way. Businesses can recognize how their videos are doing among the general public and obtain valuable feedback on how they should appeal to the public better.

What it does

Watch a video with Emocean and get an in depth analysis of your mood as you watch videos. Emocean is a mood tracker and emotion analysis tool that provides users with a summary of their moods throughout videos. After watching a video, users can look through the data and user-friendly charts to help them pick up what factors boost their mental health and which ones harm it.

How we built it

We used programs such as Azure, Firebase, Flask, HTML, CSS, as well as Javascript to help bring it to life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully create a web application that analyses facial recognition as well as incorporate well designed user-interface.

What's next for Emocean

Seeing as how we created this in under 36 hours, there are a couple more features could possibly benefit the application: allow users to save their results to a unique account and implement dynamic emotion analysis that would give unique explanations for each user.

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