I have always wondered the possibility of being able to make insightful decisions that could impact productivity over time. Then it came "all I need is the face, then I can understand what the mouth can't say", meaning i could tie people feelings to productivity by interpreting expressions. This spurned up the idea, emoCam.

What it does

emoCam captures images in small time intervals, interprets the expressions and then sends this information to the intelligent cloud. This stored data in cloud is analysed and visualized with power BI, to provide insights. Organizations, hospitals, malls can use emoCam to get good feedback on how their customers feel about their services or even get to know the true feelings of their staffs. This will enable business organizations make insightful decisions that will impact productivity.

How we built it

This solution consists of the device, cloud and business insights. I got a Microsoft HD lifecam HD-3000 and raspberry pi 3 which i installed raspbian stretch operating system. Then i installed opencv, cognitive face python sdk, and azure IoT python sdk. OpenCV was used to access the camera for real time capturing. I created a Face resource after getting my free account and then copied the endpoint and key which i used in my python script to access the API. The reply from the API was parsed and the emotion data gotten was sent to the IoT hub. The IoT hub was created and the device was registered. A stream job was created to stream data coming from the hub into a Datalake gen1 storage, where power BI picks from. Created nice visualizations with power BI for providing insights.

Challenges we ran into

During the build, i only had a difficult time trying pick right resource i need on azure. i had to read a few documentations to get started but that was all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am actually really happy i could build something quite complex this easy using Microsoft cognitive service APIs. This hackathon pushed me in achieving this, and it wasn't so difficult.

What's next for emoCam

emoCam is at a prototype stage and i plan to push it into production stage. I would like to see emoCam impact people's businesses.

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