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"I want to grow professionally, but I'm stuck in in my organization. I don't feel appreciated; I spend too much time micromanaging and my skills are being wasted." — Rita Gonzalez, Project Manager, 27

Innovation lead. 6 years of experience. Team management skills. Understands the tools of the trade. Wins at hard skills.

How can someone like this have a miserable work-life? They, like many European millenials1, don't know how to move up within their organization — or outside of it.

They're well-connected — they're on LinkedIn, do networking. But when looking for new positions, they're at a dead-end.

Typical job recommendation sites suggest jobs at or below their current level, so professionals lose hours of productivity job-seeking manually. They lack mentorship — not knowing what soft skills they need to move up. "I don't have mentors," said one young professional exacerbated by the job search.

"I've lost faith in HR. Management has no accountability in my success." — user interview

These job-recommendation systems fail them. So many turn to career coaching — a billion dollar industry in Western Europe alone. But at an average cost of over 100€ per hour2, it's impossible to have one at your beck and call.

So, what if you had an encouraging, empathetic career mentor that you could call on 24/7? What if she could tell you where to take the next step and all of the skills that you need to get there? What if she was a fraction of the cost of a career coach?

This is emma.

emma makes sure that you can find the jobs that you deserve. She's light-years more intelligent than a typical job search algorithm. She can see deep patterns between occupations and provide superhuman insider knowledge. Tell her your skills, and she'll recommend a job to you just above your level, but still achievable in the short-term — and guide you toward the resources you need to get there. She'll even keep you accountable to your goals.

"emma is so easy to use, it feels like I'm having a conversation with her." — user tester

A 29€/month subscription to emma provides you with the benefits of the world of job-search platforms and a career coach at a much lower cost. emma is the key to skill development that over 93% of millenials are looking for, but can't find3. She thinks about the job search in the same way that you do — in terms of stepping stones to self-improvement, not a final destination.

"On a scale of one to six, this is a six." — user interview

emma is already fast enough for any practical purposes. Right now, emma works with a giant database of data on Firestore to implement our matching algorithm. Our UI/UX allows you to search up any skill or occupation you can think of. We're working on making emma even smarter and more scalable by deploying a light-speed machine learning algorithm based in google cloud, and systems to pull data on job skills from anywhere. We want emma to disrupt career coaching.

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Sources (for statistics)/Notes

1Deolittle (2020) 2upskillcoach 3Millenial Careers: 2020 Vision (manpowergroup) Every part of emma — including user research — was conceived, validated, and implemented during IdeaHacks 2020

We registered the domain on, however hooking up the DNS to our firebase app takes longer that the span of a hackathon, on average.

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