Problem Discovery

Samy is the father of a 4 years old boy and a 1-year-old girl. He has been working from home since last year and his wife is studying a degree and is also pregnant. So he start planning enough activities for the kids so they could learn and have fun. After some time doing this Sami found that planning was very exhausting, and he was running out of ideas. Her children started to get bored of playing the same games, so stress started at home and the family environment worsened.

Solution Planned

Emily is an application that creates for you a schedule of varied and personalized activities, so that you and your child can enjoy, learn and have fun together at home. If you want to be more relaxed, start by creating a profile for your kid with name, age, and order your goals according to your preference. The next step is telling Emily at what time you need to be placed on the activities during the week. Now, you just have to enjoy the tranquility of always having ideas to have fun with your kids.

How we built it

Emily is a responsive web built with TypeScript (frontend) and backend with Python and Flask. Database SQLite3

Challenges we face

Now we need to define well where do we want to earn the money. Create all the content of the app. Established a time where the app and web are gonna be launched. Introduce into the team a psychologist for the creation of the activities.

Accomplishments we are proud of

These three days have been slightly stressful, but we have managed to get to know each other a bit so that we can be a great team that we are proud of. In addition to the fluidity with which we have worked, we have been able to further develop the idea and give it a long focus that makes it very scalable.

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