Inspired by the Myo armband, I recreated my own version of the hardware completely from scratch using instrumentation amplifiers, operational amplifiers, resistors, capacitors, and an AD converter.

Since this was an online hackathon, I didn't have access to any electrodes, so I made my own from Canadian pennies, I sanded down the face to expose the zinc, which has a low enough impedance to work.

My setup is able to measure the electric signal that my brain sends to my forearm and bicep to move. This signal is measured even if someone stops my arm from moving because my brain is still sending that signal.

This tech can be used to control computers

The point of this project was to create bionic limbs for people who have lost their arms. We can read the signals their brains are sending to their missing arm and use it to control their prosthetic. Due to the short time period of the hackathon, and lack of resources at home I was unable to create a bionic arm to hook up to my project and demonstrate its capabilities.

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