I am inspired by 3D modeling software, dance, biology and data visualization. The aim of this project is to create an augmented reality, real time environment for virtual modeling, a kind of 3D virtual sculpture. All it requires is internet access and a web cam! It is entirely in javascript. During the hackathon my team-mates and I created "opensculpter." We succeeded in our first prototype, which breaks open the vertices of a mesh sphere as you move it more and more the the right of the window. Future implications of this include an extensive gesture recognition library for models and the ability to share and modify models together in real time across web browsers. I think augmented reality has the potential to create an educational and information 3D modeling tool that allows us to interaction with information and 3D models in a more embodied way. My target user is anyone learning 3D modeling, experimenting with video or software, artists, dancers and those using data visualization. It's exciting!

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