Due to recent covid situations, there was huge loss of life due to lack of awareness, planning, training and equipment. This made us to look into the problems in medical industry that are faced in India. We came across the issues faced by the patients in emergency cases.

What it does

  1. Gets you the nearest ambulance for emergency medical services.
  2. Check insurance and ease the insurance process.
  3. First Aid tutorials to help an individual to perform basic medical procedure in the golden hour.
  4. Another option to book alternative faster transport options to meet up mid way with the ambulance and reach hospital.
  5. Schedule cab respective to doctor's appointments.

How we built it

Designed UI/UX of the app using FIGMA. Developed the app using REACT NATIVE.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Brainstorming cases that the app can face.
  2. Organizing the team and sorting tasks.
  3. Lack of knowledge and time constrains leading to pending development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the UI/UX of the app by integrating all the cases and solutions for it. Developing the app as much as we can with React Native.

What we learned

Team management, thinking out of the box, FIGMA, REACT NATIVE, Explored API's

What's next for Emerride## Inspiration

To develop the app fully and identify loop holes to refine the app. Further in the development of the app: making use of Google Map API for tracking the Ambulance and Uber API for fetching and displaying UBER as an alternate transport.

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