Understanding what is the root cause of the constellation of challenges that we face and developing the Antigen as well as effective distribution process

What it does

it is a rite of passage that shifts people from a state of fear and anxiety to certitude and confidence. Upgrades Human operating Software with the emerging cosmology gaining the ability to trust life and trust themselves. Rebuilding trust between people. Rebuilding community

How I built it

20 years of research, 4 years of leading Men's retreat in the mechanics, over the last year I have beta testing with individuals and the results are inspirational. Game changing in all facets of life

Challenges I ran into

Resistance, time, we are addicted to Money, as it seems the one thing we can not live without, we are enslaved to making money, which consumes most of our time. This course just like mediation helps you become more efficient at whatever you are doing, including making money. The challenge has been for people discipline themselves and make the time to get the Human operating software upgrade.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Help build and see 7 communities, turning a 4 acre dump pile into an orchard, outdoor chapel, tree house and play one. worked with Alex Grey in seeding his community upstate Seeded a regenerative community in Costa Rica were I served as project manager and regenerative Ag leader worked as a cowboy learning holistic range management and regenerative Ag lived at Ashram learning Sanskrit and Yoga Vedanta Philosophy and Tantra part of the first wave of the men's movement, started wakening men, helping men connect and express their feelings in a healthy and regenerative manner lead individual over the last year in emerging human course, creating a rite of Passage that returned peoples sovereignty and dignity. becoming the change the world needs now

What I learned

we live in a holographic universe, the Matrix is real. In order to address the very REAL challenges we must upgrade our cultural stories that are hardwired into our brains. Even if the revolution happens, we will go the way of Bolsheviks creating something structurally similar unless we address the root program

we have been on a long journey 15 billion years.

What history has shown me is that opportunity that is before us is to become Self-Aware as a species, the whole fabled Age of Aquarius that is prophesied in all major traditions is before us. The outcome is most uncertain. I believe we all chose to incarnate at this time to be the geniousus that figure it out. I am so delighted to have developed a framework and process to support this shift individually and collectively.

Community and connection is what we really want

What's next for Emerging Human

I am launching the next 4 week course on April 22nd, would love to have as many of you join me.

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