Annually, over one thousand lives are lost in the nation’s biggest and most “efficient”cities unnecessarily, solely due to the fact that emergency medical systems fail to manage a quick enough response time. In life threatening situations, there is no luxury of time, and so every precious second counts.

What it does

Using crowdsourcing techniques, our application, Emergent, utilizes the community itself to gather a force of people who will be able to help provide care to those in need of immediate medical attention. The application will be connected to any smartwatch with a heart rate sensor; once the user’s heartbeat is detected to be at a rate which is deemed dangerously high (> 150) or low (< 88), Emergent will pinpoint the user’s location on a map and send a message regarding the user’s medical situation and directions to the user’s location to other certified professionals in the user’s vicinity so that they will be able to receive adequate medical attention. Citizens of the community who are trained in techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) usage can respond significantly quicker than other emergency vehicles, such as ambulances. This consequently saves time, which is a precious commodity during emergency situation. Saving valuable hours, minutes, and even seconds, is directly correlated to an increase in one’s life expectancy after experiencing an emergency health scenario.

How I built it

We built this application with hard work, dedication, motivation and lots and lots of love! More specifically, we used the Xcode integrated development environment on the Mac OS X software. In order to program our iOS application, we used the Swift mobile development application development. In addition, we utilized the Twilio API and Google maps API.

Challenges I ran into

Our team ran into multiple challenges while building this product. It was the first time for 4 out of 5 members of our to engage in IOS development, and so this took some to get familiarized with. In addition, it was the first time for all members of our team to use an API like twill, and getting this to function with an IOS app was an especially difficult challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of being able to convert our original idea into a tangible reality, and being able to come to an end product that may potentially save thousands of lives in the future.

What I learned

Beyond all the programming skills we have gained, we have also learned collaboration skills. Prior to this event, some members of the team did not know each other at all. After coming together to collaborate on this project, we learned how to effectively work in a group setting and still manage to make all of our individual voices heard. In addition, we learned valuable networking skills and how to step outside of our comfort zones.

What's next for Emergent

In the future, we are planning to tailor the smartwatch portion of the application. Ideally, we would develop a companion smartwatch application to go along with the iPhone iOS application that we created. We would also like to create a reward system for the members of the community who successfully participate, so that more and more people will be incentivized to take a step forward in helping members of their community.

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