The EmergenSee iPhone and Android App is your new Personal Security System right on your Smart Phone. EmergenSee is an extremely powerful and useful App! Yet Easy to Use! Should you feel threatened or simply feel insecure about the people or events going on around you, simply tap the EmergenSee App and let it go to work. All with a single tap of the EmergenSee App icon: EmergenSee immediately starts recording Video & Audio while using the Phone’s GPS to track your location and movements. Within seconds all that Data is sent to your pre-selected Contacts (Campus Security, Friends and/or Family) you listed in your EmergenSee profile. Distress emails and SMS (text) messages are automatically delivered to all your EmergenSee Contacts. The email messages contain a link to all Data (Video & Audio of the Events) Transmitted from your Smart Phone along with a map that dynamically tracks and displays your location and direction. Help Protect Yourself and Loved Ones! There is no other App Like it! Download this unique app for you and your family and get the Additional Security you deserve today!

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