A lot of things inspired us. We wanted to make something that was impactful – it would help those who used it in extraordinary ways. We were inspired by the world around us – the ongoing protests, unrest, and general unease in the world today prompted us to find ways in which we could keep people safe in potentially dangerous situations.

What it does

In times of emergency, we want to make sure that those who should be aware have knowledge of our whereabouts and are kept apprised of our situation. With Emergensea Teams, we found a way to do that. A responsive web app designed to work on mobile and desktop, our app allows you to create unique "groups", set a safe meet-up location, and invite your friends to join. It will also make a list of safe-hubs within a certain radius of your particular location (safe-hubs are anywhere that is public). Anyone with a phone or laptop can tune in using the unique link, chat with you and other invited friends, and suggest safe-zones and meet-up areas. The emergency button on the bottom every page will send an emergency message and your location to all the invited friends in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation. This Find My Friends, Maps, and chat hybrid ensures that you will get assistance if you are unsafe.

If you were out at a protest, walking alone in an unsafe place, or even if you are meeting up with your group of friends –we believe that having all the functionality of our app, available on any device, can help.

How we built it

Front-end: React, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap Back-end: NodeJS, JavaScript Other technologies:,, Mapbox API, Heroku Design: Figma, responsive design

Challenges we ran into

We are all pretty new to technologies like React and NodeJS, so it was a learning experience for all of us! Figuring out the design components, how we would enable people to have the best experience and most intuitive experience – since it could be a situation where there are potential dangers. It was interesting to do things virtually and we're all on different timezones, so waking up early was a must (collaboration and teamwork is key!).

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The design, functionality, and being able to come together during this time to work on something we all care about!

What we learned

React, Node, the importance of good UI/UX, a bunch of cool APIs, and just how much you can do with all of it!

What's next for emergenseaTeams

We're definitely going to add more features! Some include:

  • Suggesting only safe-hubs that are currently open (Google Maps API)
  • Making it into a progressive web app so that it can be downloaded!
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