Our team was inspired to create a message system that would use the Bandwidth API to connect people with emergency responders/FEMA and categorize and predict their distress using IBM Watson AI>

What it does

People are able to text message a number and their text messages would be sent to our Emergency Dashboard, where a FEMA user is able to view and respond to their messages, which will be prioritized by Severity using AI.

How I built it

Bandwidth API connected to Firebase, Bulma to create front end, python to manipulate files to load into Watson AI Studio

Challenges I ran into

  • Sending and receiving messages through Bandwidth API
  • Retrieving data from firebase and showing it on the website

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Using Bandwidth API and connecting it to Firebase
  • Creating a UI
  • with a Tableau interactive geographic map of natural disaster incidents by area code

What I learned

We learned:

  • how to draw in Firebase into Python, modify Firebase using Python, add additional fields to Firebase JSON, convert JSON to CSV, upload CSV data to IBM Watson Studio for their auto AI experiment

What's next for EmergencyDashboard

  • Updating Firebase in real-time and connecting it to Watson AI in real-time
  • Using AI to identify severity of text message emergency
  • Creating more data representations using data collected through messages
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