This isn't our first time developing an application for the Hard of Hearing community but it is our time doing Flutter to do so! When we saw this hackathon listed, we immediately knew we were submitting for this. We have always wanted to create an application that would make someone's life easier. And I think we have.

What it does

Our app can show you a list of the hospitals and police stations near you or can send an SMS to either a fire station, the police or an ambulance with your current location. You can also record audios and videos that would automatically get stored to your phone. At no point would you be required to speak or hear making it very accessible for the Hard of Hearing community.

How we built it

Using flutter tutorials on Medium and YouTube, copious amounts of coffee and many sleepless nights!

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the lack of information about features we wanted to implement. We became very familiar with the second page of Google and here we are!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nothing yet but look out for us!

What we learned

Be ahead of the schedule, make a list of necessary and optional features and stick to it and sometimes recording a demo video might take longer than you expect!

What's next for EmergencyAssist

Our next step is to put our app out on Play store and App store. Keep an eye out for us!

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