We are a team who recognized the challenges faced by Covid 19 pandemic , and are working to find a solution to the anticipated global lack of ventilators.. Our approach is to use existing equipment at hospitals such as the BVM (bag valve mask) AMBU bag which is certified for manual ventilation at emergencies and upgrade it to give mechanical ventilation found on medical ventilators to patients.

What it does

Our team is developing an Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent) Project, using a BVM (bag valve mask) or otherwise known as AMBU bag, that provides all basic functions necessary by a ventilator,such as tidal volume, I/E ratio, max pressure set for safety, PEEP control .

How I built it

Our team's approach was to create something that can easily be reproduced with off-the-shelf parts but at the same time be robust and function according to high standards. The system utilizes a manual resuscitator kit known as a BVM (bag valve mask) or AMBU bag. Two mechanical arms move on two linear rod sliders that apply pressure on the bag, the motion is controlled by two stepper motors which in turn are controlled from an Arduino Uno. Through our software we can offer the basic functions needed by a ventilator such us, tidal volume, I:E Inspiration :Expiration ratio, maximum pressure for safety as well as self tests for faulty operation and alarms notifications.

Challenges I ran into

By far the most difficult part was the distance between our team members due to quarantine, hopefully with our dedication and internet technology we manage to pull it through. Another challenge was the source of necessary materials electronics etc, but again our decision from the start to use commonly used materials between hobbyists was crucial to overcome it quickly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud to have achieved a working prototype in such a small time frame and under these circumstances, we are proud of our dedication to help people that might need it.

What I learned

We have learned a great deal of the working principles of α ventilator but most of all what we have learned is that a good team can create anything that sets its mind into it.

What's next for Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent) Project

Our next mission for our project is to provide more modes of ventilation through software development such as Synchronized Intermittent-Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) , Pressure-Controlled Ventilation (PCV) .

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