There are times when roads are blocked due to traffic and Emergency vehicles like Ambulance couldn't get a way to pass through them or in the nick of time their paths get blocked due to some unavoidable reason thus delaying their duty

What it does

Our model will blare an alarm the moment it detects an Emergency vehicle driving towards a junction in the road and at places prone to traffic jams, thus opening up different passageway for them to pass through.

How we built it

We took various images of cars of various categories and trained our model to detect or identify Emergency vehicles from Non-emergency vehicles so that once it detects an Amubulance or Fire Brigade it will blare an alarm that will indicate different passage to be opened up for them to drive through to avoid unnecessary delays.

Challenges we ran into

For our model to be successful it needs a Gate system which will open a different passage in the road the moment it hears the alarm blaring at junction point. Plus in some countries it might becomes difficult to implement our project efficiently due to reasons like geographical location. Our models requires road connectivity in an efficient way which is a large scale project in itself and when possible it could lead to a huge change.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully trained our model to classify Emergency from Non-emergency vehicles at traffic prone areas and with further analysis it is possible to tweak road connectivity a bit to build a proper gate system to avoid delays by Emergency Vehicles due to new roadways built everyday

What we learned

There are so many problems we came across while building this project which we will overcome gradually as we analyse each of them. There's so many changes to be incorporated for efficiency in our work system and automation in road connectivity plays a huge role.

What's next for Emergency Vehicles Classifier

There's a thin line between Emergency and Non Emergency vehicles because in some cases there also come priority. What if there's a woman in labor trying to breathe her way through reality, in a Swift car and suddenly the car gets blocked due to a traffic jam? There are many cases where we can't afford ambulance due to reasons like time but that doesn't make our situation any less of an emergency. So to take our project to a next level we will build a model and train it in a way that understands which car is really at emergency. Like a car which when blinks their headlight 3 times means emergency and our model will detect that motion and open up a different passage for them to pass through.

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