The idea is that a lot of people need emergency help and based on their geographical location, their surrounding people can help them, like donating blood etc. The challenge is that there is no social media on a large scale demographically connected, that would connect the people who need help and the people who can help, either with money or resources.

What it does

Our project tailors out the tweet content to label it based on sentiments and keywords if actually a person needs a help. If yes, then the tweets are shown under a separate tab of health feed where the community can see it and help the one in need if she/he is nearby geographically.

How we built it

I used Nodejs, and sentiment analysis NPM packages. We made a call to twitter APIs and for some n number of tweets filtered out the contents and labeled the tweet if it showcases any help/emergency keywords

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with large data. This prototype is on live content, but it is tested on just random n tweets. We couldn't launch it as a inbuilt twitter component like other students have done it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were able to do this very quickly. We are super proud of our thought process of helping people especially in tough times like this. Times have changed and we need to help others and use our resources to really impact people's lives.

What we learned

A ton. Technically a lot. Assembling ideas and brainstorming it. It was nice to finally see the project fall into place that we imagined.

What's next for Emergency Tweets feed

We could not filter out geography as it was None in the API that we fetched. But just based on geography if we can show just the tweets to a person around whom there is some help needed, we can bring the community more closer in helping each other. Lastly, we marked 75 years of World War II. People have suffered a lot because of covid. If we can somehow use such an idea even to make one person's life better by helping him/her in emergency surgery or any such kind then world will really be a better place.

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