The idea

Often we forget to take something with us when to go to office. If it is necessary item like medicine, then options before us are either go back or ask someone from home to deliver it to us. With ride shares in place, we can ask a ride share driver to pick up these items and deliver it along the way

Other option is to use the FaceDrive foods infrastructure to pickup and deliver these items. In this way the customer can feel more secure and delivery can also be quick

What it does

The user will open FaceDrive app. He can choose one to the 2 options.

  1. Pickup and drop by a ride share driver
  2. Pickup and drop by FaceDrive Foods driver. This will be a premium service

Time and distance can be used for service charge calculation


In city of Mumbai in India, Lunch pickup and delivery service is running from 125 years, currently transferring ~200,000 lunch boxes per day. More details about Dabbawala can be found here. Same idea can be used to pickup and deliver anything within hours.


This is just an Idea proposal

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