Thousands of Americans are affected by domestic violence every day, but they can't contact emergency services under fear of being further abused if caught. We were inspired by these victims and created this service to help give them a way to contact 911 in the case of an emergency so they would never have to fear getting help.

Currently, 98% of 911 call centers are not equipped to receive text messages, and unfortunately they will not be for quite some time as the Government has not even made this a priority. We could not sit by idly as millions of helpless victims suffer while waiting for this service to become a reality. While we may not be able to equip every call center, we can work around the system to accommodate victims who desperately need this service now.

Our app uses various APIs to extract key components of the user's message and create an emergency voice message that is delivered via phone call to the nearest 911 call center. This message can be sent by SMS or through an online web form, but most importantly it can be sent quickly, efficiently, and silently.

Our hope is that we can coordinate with various companies, engineers and the FCC to try to put this resource into the hands of Americans who are suffering from domestic abuse, home burglary, or any other situation that requires a silent "call" to 911.

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