Dedicated short range communication (DSRC) will be an important technology in the coming years as the transportation system in the United States shifts to an advanced network of connected vehicles, sensors and communication hubs.  DSRC will play a major part as one of the links that will aid in connecting the network and allowing information to flow between vehicles and roadside infrastructure.  This advanced network will be crucial in improving the safety of its users in terms of both mitigation and avoidance of traffic accidents as well as improving the emergency response in the case when accidents may be unavoidable do to either user or system error. While the mitigation and avoidance of traffic accidents is a very important to the safety of users of the transportation system, DSRC may also be used to improve upon emergency response efforts in the unfortunate event that there traffic accidents.  The focus of ideas for this discussion will be on how DSRC can be used in such an event and how emergency response can be improved from this technology.  It is important to note that the effects of a traffic accident can have a large impact on the transportation system, such as increased congestion, higher risks of additional accidents and negative environmental impacts due to possible chemical exposure and increased exhaust emissions from vehicles caught in the congestion resulting from the accident.

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